Thursday, March 17, 2016

What Are Facebook Messenger Users Doing, Besides Sending Messages?

What Are Facebook Messenger Users Doing, Besides Sending Messages? 

It’s no surprise that the most popular action taken by users of Facebook’sMessenger application is sending messages, but what else are they doing with the app?
According to GlobalWebIndex, the most popular actions by Messenger users are:
  1. Sent a message, 90 percent
  2. Sent a photo, 48 percent
  3. Sent a sticker, 35 percent
  4. Used on a PC or laptop, 22 percent
  5. Sent a video, 21 percent
  6. Made a video call, 18 percent
  7. Sent a voice recording, 15 percent
  8. Received a message from a brand or company, 15 percent
GWI said in an email to SocialTimes:
While receiving a message from a brand or company features at the bottom of our list (15 percent), it underlines the future direction of Messenger. Having recently integrated Uber into its app, the service is following in the footsteps of WeChat in moving beyond a simple peer-to-peer messaging app to become a service-facilitating platform. It’s easy to see how, in the future, everyday activities such as shopping online, ordering food, making restaurant reservations and ordering taxis could all be done without leaving Facebook’s chat app.
Readers: What do you use Messenger for, besides the obvious?
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