A Killer Social Media Marketing Strategy for Small Businesses - #infographic

A Killer Social Media Marketing Strategy for Small Businesses - #infographic

Social media can drive business, there is no doubt about it. The 1.5 Billion monthly active Facebook users can attest to that.

Social Media can also drive traffic to a website, whether it is a blog, business website offering products, services or a non-profit organization.

The majority of an average online users time is spent on Social Media sites; whether it is the classic Facebook, Twitter or videos on YouTube or even images on Pinterest and Instagram. Social media is addictive; it can hook and engage the users and keep them occupied for hours.

Businesses love social media and the user attention it gets. Some businesses are strategic about getting their user's attention and they have a plan or strategy, while others take a deep dive, pray and hope for the best. Some businesses only rely on organic or free reach and some are willing to spend for paid social media ads to multiply their reach.

Here is a Social Media Marketing strategy that is visual and easy to understand. Take this social media strategy as a starting point, start customizing it with your goals and target audience to create your own killer strategy.

infographic courtesy of: SocialMediaMarketo.


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