How to Refriend Someone You Blocked on Facebook

Facebook’s block option is helpful when you don’t want someone to see any of your content, since blocking prevents someone from interacting directly with you on Facebook.Naturally, blocking someone also unfriends that person if you’re currently friends. But maybe you once blocked someone and have since made up with them, or went on a friend-deleting spree and accidentally blocked someone by mistake.You can’t see that person once they’re blocked, so what can you do to reverse it? Let’s find out how to refriend someone on Facebook that you previously blocked.How to Unblock Someone on FacebookFirst, you’ll need to unblock the blocked person so that you can see their profile again and hopefully send them a friend request.Log into Facebook and visit your Settings page. You can get there by clicking the Arrow icon in the top-right of Facebook, followed by Settings (if you’re using the new Facebook interface, this will be Settings & Privacy > Settings instead).On the left side, select…

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 may be unveiled next month after all

We have heard a number of rumors recently that have suggested that the new Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 will not be announced at Samsung Unpacked next month. According to a recent report, Samsung will announce their Galaxy Z Fold 2 at next months event, but the handset will not go on sale until later […] (Read More …)The post Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 may be unveiled next month after all appeared first on Geeky Gadgets.Source link

Microsoft Dynamics Software Engineers: Salary, Jobs, Stats

Wondering how much do MS Dynamics developers make in diverse countries? Interested in what part of the world MS Dynamics devs are in the most demand? Want to find out why MS Dynamics coders consider themselves happy coders? Want to check what things make MS Dynamics dev a real expert? Find all the answers to these questions as well as up-to-date stats and facts on this infographic. It was designed to share with you insights on demand and quite high popularity of Microsoft Dynamics development and experts in this comprehensive enterprise resource planning platform.Check out from the infographic below the latest data on Microsoft Dynamics developers salary rates worldwide (from the USA to Ukraine), explore what specialist in MS Dynamics make the most money, in what country an MS Dynamics coder has more choices to get a well-paid job, and more!
Did you know that without proper skills in MS Dynamics, half of developers usually fail the implementation process? Have you any idea about what M…

To Mask Or Not To Mask

Jul 15th, 2020

To mask or not to mask – this is a burning question floating around America, though in other countries there doesn’t seem to be such a debate.The US has always wanted to be in a league of its own.Unfortunately, after months of lockdown, America really wants to be done with Covid.  But after weeks of reopened businesses, increasing cases have led to the resumption of lockdowns in states like California, Florida, Texas, and Arizona.Most really want to go back to life as it was pre-Covid.  While most of this is wishful thinking, wearing a face covering is one of the few ways we can try to be helpful in these helpless times.  For awhile mask shortages were dire, but the situation has at least gotten better for civilian face coverings.The CDC recommends wearing masks, hand washing, and social distancing to minimize the overall spread of coronavirus.  It’s also key to remember not to touch your face regardless, even if you have a cool custom mask to show off…

Car Tinting Laws in Australia – Submit Infographics

2 months ago Days get warm in Australia and the heat can quickly ramp up in your car the moment the sun shines. If you are after a solution that keeps your car cooler, stops harmful UV rays from reaching your skin, reduces sun glare and makes car trips overall more enjoyable in Summer, tinting your car windows will come up like the way to go.You can decide to get your tinting done by yourself, in that case you’d just need to purchase some tinting film. Otherwise, you can approach autoglass professionals who can get it done in a matter of hours.No matter the way you want to go about it though, you should know that there are regulations on car window tinting in Australia and that they all differ from a state to another. Not complying with them could get you a hefty fine.This infographic has gathered all the regulations by state, so you know what to ask for when making your decision on the tinting film to use, and lays out all the benefits of tinting your car windows, as it is not just a…

5 Traits of a Highly Engaging Presentation

It’s a simple fact: Giving a presentation can be a stressful and time consuming ordeal. Even after you’ve put all of the work into building a beautiful slide deck, coordinating your virtual or hybrid hosting platform, and promoting to your attendees, you still have to deliver the live performance (and follow-up afterwards)! There are plenty of resources and expert tips for presenting virtually and ways to reduce the stress of the presentation itself, so let’s assume that you will be cool, calm and collected. Now it’s time to focus on keeping your audience fully engaged. So, what traits do the most engaging presentations share?1 Set Yourself Up for SuccessYour presentation journey begins well before you greet your audience. Consider your format in advance: How can you provide not only superb slides, but interactive content that encourages participation? What platform(s) should you be using? A PowerPoint demonstration by itself was great tech twenty years ago, but ingenuity has advanced…

The Rise of a Multi-Billion Dollar Industry

View the high resolution of this infographic by clicking here.Cloud computing continues to be on the rise, and for good reason. It’s transformed our digital experience in numerous ways, from how we store data to the way we share information online with others.Growth in cloud services is showing no signs of slowing down, particularly in the data storage realm—by 2025, almost half of the world’s stored data will reside in public cloud environments. Yet, despite its increasing popularity among consumers and businesses alike, do people really understand what the cloud fully entails? Or better yet, what the cloud even is? Today’s infographic from Raconteur provides an overview of the fast-changing cloud computing landscape, showcasing the industry’s growth and its evolution in scale. It also touches on what’s next for the cloud.What is Cloud Computing?Put simply, cloud computing is a network of remote servers that provides customers with a number of offerings, including data storage, proce…