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Samsung Galaxy Note 20 and more to feature Snapdragon 865+ processor

It looks like the new Samsung Galaxy Note 20 will use a Snapdragon 865+ processor instead of a Snapdragon 865 and other devices will also use the same processor. According to a recent report the Galaxy Note 20, Galaxy Fold 2 , Galaxy Tab 7 series will also use the Snapdragon 865+. The news comes […] ( Read More … ) The post Samsung Galaxy Note 20 and more to feature Snapdragon 865+ processor appeared first on Geeky Gadgets . Source link

Crysis Remastered gameplay trailer leaked

Ahead of its official release new gameplay trailer for the upcoming Crysis Remastered game has been leaked providing a glimpse of what you can expect from the first person shooter. If the Twitter video is removed before you get to chance to see it then unfortunately you will have to wait until July 1st 2020 […] ( Read More … ) The post Crysis Remastered gameplay trailer leaked appeared first on Geeky Gadgets . Source link

6 Apps to Read or Listen to the Best Free Short Stories Online

A lot of people want to cultivate the habit of reading regularly. Start small with the best free short stories on these websites and apps, and work your way upwards. Short stories are a gateway drug to the world of literature. In fact, most respected authors have a collection of short stories that are, at times, more entertaining than their larger works. Even for amateur writers, novels might be too daunting but short stories are more doable. So the internet now has a storehouse of great short stories, from famous and unknown writers, that these apps have curated for your reading pleasure. 1. Storypony (Web): Community of Varied Short Stories Storypony is a community for short story writers and readers. Each story has a maximum of 10,000 words, with most being around five to fifteen minute reads. The editors are particular about only accepting finished works and not chapter-by-chapter stories, so as a reader, you know you aren’t going to be left on a cliffhanger. As you might

Toadi autonomous A.I. robot lawnmower

Toadie is a new artificial intelligence robot lawnmower which needs no perimeter cable or inaccurate GPS and is capable of finding its way using on-board technology. If the terrain is all flat Toadie can mow up to a football field in area say its developers and you can adjust its mowing height by replacing the […] ( Read More … ) The post Toadi autonomous A.I. robot lawnmower appeared first on Geeky Gadgets . Source link

Top Geeky Baby Shower and Gender Reveal Party Ideas

For years couples planning a baby shower or gender reveal party would stick with the traditional pink and blue theme throughout the event. These days, however, young adults are throwing caution and tradition to the wind and instead, planning celebrations that speak to who they truly are. So, if pink and blue aren’t your thing, tap into your inner nerd and try some of these geeky baby shower and gender reveal party ideas listed below:  Star Wars Gender Reveal Party Are you a lover of Luke Skywalker, Princess Leia, Chewbacca, or R2-D2? Believe it or not, Star Wars can be the perfect gender reveal idea. Are you having a little princess Leia or a Luke Skywalker? You can opt for trademarked star wars items for the decor (tablecloths, plates, napkins, cups, etc). For something more upscale you might simply use colors like black, silver, and gold and simply have a star wars-themed cake to cut into for the big reveal.  Game of Thrones Baby Shower What geek doesn’t love the idea of med

This Unicode Cause Particular Characters To Glitch Major Tech Platforms / Digital Information World

You may have noticed on internet some odd characters which appear vertically overlay other text on a webpage. It may also sometimes break out the boundaries of a user interface. Actaully, this is Unicode that is causing this behavior. For example, the Twitter profile page of Bleeping Computer has started to appear glitch for some days. In Bleeping Computer’s case, a certain Unicode character was causing this behavior. The Unicode is present in the display name of Hylejam , a security researcher. Several ‘magic’ Unicode characters cause this behavior when they are placed in a particular UI. They are impacting multiple areas of Twitter as well as Gmail website. When Bleeping Computer asked Hylejam why he used these characters, he said that it all started after he came to know that a Telugu character broke Apple devices. He examined the behavior of the ‘జ్ఞ‌ా’ character with letters and numbers. He tried to understand the bug that caused the WhatsApp app to crash. Previously, a te

Facebook is Finally Rolling Out Dark Mode For iOS Users / Digital Information World

Did you like using Facebook in dark mode on your device? If the answer is yes, then there is more good news for you as the company is currently testing to bring the dark interface to the mobile app as well. First spotted by a Twitter user , Facebook has already made the dark mode on iOS devices available to a small number of users globally and if the feature is received well, chances are that you will be able to adjust the Facebook view on your mobile too in low light environments very soon. Users who are fortunate enough to test the dark mode have shared the screenshots of how the Facebook Mobile App looks like on social media. It’s indeed surprising to see that Facebook took so long to introduce mobile dark mode – especially after considering how Instagram, Whatsapp, and Messenger already have the dark mode for quite a long while now. The company’s direct competitor, Twitter too brought the night mode for Android and iOS months ago and even Google also offers the dark mode to i

Boost Your Mind, Body, and Soul With This Bundle of Learning Apps

We all know that one person who speaks multiple languages, earns endless promotions at work, and owns the perfect body. Deep down, you are probably a little bit envious of their abilities. But in truth, anyone can adopt this dream lifestyle with a little effort. To put you on the right path, the Superhuman Lifetime Subscription Bundle offers five top-rated learning apps. You can get it now for just $79 at MakeUseOf Deals. Mind, Body, and Soul Covering a range of life skills, this bundle brings together some of the best apps currently available. To kick things off, you get lifetime access to uTalk. Trusted by over 30 million users, this app offers 180 hours of training on 60 different topics. You learn real-world vocabulary, and you can even study offline. A former Apple App of the Day, MindFi helps you relax and focus through guided meditation. The sessions only take 10 minutes, and they include powerful haptic breathing exercises. Also in the bundle, Fitterclub offers perso

100th Anniversary Special Edition Mazda MX-5 Miata will come to the US in limited numbers

Mazda North American Operations has announced that the 100th Anniversary Special Edition Mazda MX-5 Miata will be coming to the United States in limited numbers later this year. The vehicle is celebrating the brand’s 100-year milestone and starts at an MSRP of $32,670. The vehicle will be available in either RF, which is the retractable […] ( Read More … ) The post 100th Anniversary Special Edition Mazda MX-5 Miata will come to the US in limited numbers appeared first on Geeky Gadgets . Source link

Using Tech to Improve Focus

Technology has often been blamed for reducing mental focus and productivity. Social media for example has been attributed to a decline in productivity in most companies. This is because most employees have become addicted to their gadgets – making it difficult to fully concentrate on what they are being paid for. Nonetheless, technology can also be used to improve focus in various ways. There are several apps designed to cut out online distractions and allow you to work without any interruptions. There are also applications that increase focus by encouraging you to take notes. Below are some of the ways through which tech can be used to improve focus: Use of website blockers to prevent distractions Technology can be a major source of distraction – especially if you are using your computer and the internet to work. Some people are addicted to social media platforms and other website pages, that they can’t resist opening them even if they are undertaking a serious task. Th

How to Find Your Router's IP Address?

While your router’s IP address isn’t need-to-know information on most days, there will be times you need to have it on hand. For example, you may need it for changing settings on the device via its web-based control panel. And while it’s simple enough to get this information, many people aren’t sure exactly where to start—especially when it comes to different operating systems. Whether you’re on your PC or a mobile device, here’s how to find your router IP address on different platforms… What Is My Router IP Address For? While some routers use text-based URLs, many use an IP address that you can use in your browser to access the device’s admin panel. In this panel, you can change settings, install firmware updates, troubleshoot issues, and configure your preferences. You can find out more information on how to access your router What Is a Router and How to Use One: The

CircuitMess STEM Box electronic projects delivered to your doorstep

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The Case for More Geeks in Management

The management of your business is often set in stone from the start. However, there are some good reasons why it should be switched up once in a while to bring about diversity. Let us take a very close look at the case for having more geeks in management roles. Better leadership First and foremost, more geeks often lead to better leadership. These individuals have seen it all in the industry and have the experience needed to coordinate a team. There’s nothing worse than management that simply doesn’t know what it is doing in difficult times. No matter what you think of geeks, you can’t deny that they are adept at handling tricky projects in a variety of career fields and academic disciplines. At the very least, if you know that your manager is heavily into sci-fi and fantasy, this could spark a conversation at your lunch break. These mutual interests break down the traditional barriers between workers and their bosses. Academic credentials Geeks are also backed by academic cr

The Best Cheap Webcam Alternatives Until Prices Drop

The COVID-19 pandemic sent the prices of certain bits of PC hardware spiraling. Webcams were one of the first items to begin selling out. People working from and those wishing to stay in video contact with family quickly cleared webcam stocks at the most popular online retailers. The result is a webcam market filled with questionable brands, high prices for webcams, and a lack of stock at regular stores. However, you don’t need a dedicated webcam. You probably have a webcam alternative in your home, waiting for use. So, here are the best webcam alternatives until the prices return to normal! How to Use a Smartphone or a Tablet as a Webcam UBeesize Adjustable Camera Stand Holder UBeesize Adjustable Camera Stand Holder Buy Now On Amazon $19.98 Let’s start with the easiest option—using your iPhone or Android device as a webcam. There are numerous apps available to both platforms that conve

Ulefone Armor 9 thermal imaging camera smartphone

If you are searching for a convenient way to capture thermal imaging data you may be interested in the Ulefone Armor 9 thermal imaging smart phone which is launched via Kickstarter this month and has already raised over twice its required pledge goal with still 15 days remaining. The Ulefone Armor 9 has been created […] ( Read More … ) The post Ulefone Armor 9 thermal imaging camera smartphone appeared first on Geeky Gadgets . Source link

The Unsung Heroes of Movie Production

Movie production is filled with bright lights and the biggest stars. However, there are many elements that often go overlooked from the surface. For 2020, let us take a very close look at some of the unsung heroes of movie production. Editors To start things off, editors play a major role in movie production. Once filming is finished, the production line doesn’t stop there. Editors have to step in and craft the footage carefully. They cut and merge clips together as needed and insert amazing effects between scenes. Although they have lots of amazing software tools at their disposal, much of it still needs to be done manually. It’s not uncommon for editors to work for weeks on end on just a short segment of the movie. However, once they are through, we all know what sorts of incredible effects can be seen. Production designers Production designers are also critical to a successful production. These designers make lots of executive decisions when it comes to decorating and settin

Facebook VP For Public Affairs States That The Company Has No Incentive To Allow Hate Speech On The Platform, Amid Advertising Boycott / Digital Information World

The social media giant, Facebook, has been facing a major ad boycott for the first time in its history. A lot of advertisers have signed on the #StopHateForProfit campaign. The advertisers are protesting against the company’s failure to stop the spread of hate speech across the platform. Facebook’s largest advertising companies including Starbucks, Microsoft, Verizon, and Unilever have pulled their ads from the site. This Sunday Nick Clegg , the company’s VP for Public Affairs, stated that the company has no incentive to promote hate speech. He said that the protest has been damaging for the platform, and Facebook does not benefit from the proliferation of hate speech across its platform. He also stressed the efforts Facebook make to tackle hate speech across its platform. He said that Facebook removes approximately 3 million posts containing hate speech across the globe every month. He also revealed that 90% of these items are removed before they are even reported. Mark Zuckerb

How to Use WhatsApp Web on PC: The Ultimate Guide

WhatsApp Web offers a quick and easy way to read and reply to WhatsApp messages on your computer. It lets you use WhatsApp online from your browser. And in this guide we show you how to use WhatsApp Web on your PC. What You Will Need to Run WhatsApp Web Largely speaking, it’s a simple process and you’ll have the necessary items at hand. But for the sake of thoroughness, here’s the list. An Android phone or an iPhone with a working rear camera. A laptop or desktop computer with any modern web browser, like Google Chrome. An active internet connection for both your phone and your PC. The latest version of WhatsApp. Download: WhatsApp for Android | iOS (Free) How WhatsApp Web Works WhatsApp Web does not have all the features of the mobile app. In fact, it can’t work without the mobile app. You will need your phone to connect to and use WhatsApp Web. This is, in essence, a clone or a mirror of what’s happening on your phone. If a message comes to your phone, you’ll see