Virtual reality takes you into a virtual world where you feel like you’re part of another place. But have you ever wanted to bring the virtual world into your reality? Imagine your favorite characters popping up on your couch, like in Pokemon Go, or seeing Dracula’s castle in your backyard.

Augmented Reality (AR) layers the virtual world or part of the virtual world over top of your existing surroundings. 

The great thing about AR is that, unlike dealing with tangible products, you don’t have to wait for your favorite designers to manufacture a physical product, finalize their shipping consulting contracts, or wait for the delivery driver to drop off your disc before you can get your game on. All you need to do is download the AR app on your mobile device and you’re ready to play.

Here are some fun AR apps to give you a taste of what Augmented Reality is all about.

BBC Civilisations AR

The BBC has an AR app for those interested in exploring museum artifacts close up. The app turns your room into a museum full of ancient treasures to explore. If you have ever wanted to see what’s inside a sarcophagus or under a mummy’s wraps, now is your chance. 

You’re able to look at each artifact in 3D and examine multiple layers using an x-ray machine inside the app. If you want an up-close and personal look at culture and art pieces you could never see up close, this free app is worth a download.


For those interested in how things work, JigSpace is an interesting AR app. Find out how things work by going inside everything from machines to the Earth and see what’s inside to make them tick. Just choose what you want to explore from the menu and a 3D model of it will appear in front of you.

The model will pull apart layer by layer to show you the mechanics so you can learn how things work. Imagine exploring inside the Earth’s crust or inside a beating heart. This app takes learning to a whole new level and would be a great addition to any learning program or used to satisfy a healthy curiosity.

Dance Reality

If you’ve ever wanted to learn how to dance beyond the macarena, Dance Reality might be a fun choice. This AR app gives you instructional footprints to follow and a trained dance partner to dance with.

Once you have the footwork down pat, you can take your new dance moves to your next party or wedding to impress.

Some More AR Apps to Explore

What started as an app to find and catch Pokemon in the real world opened up a whole new way to use your mobile device. No matter what your interests are, you’ll more than likely find an AR app to explore.

Here are some more AR apps so you can alter your reality in a way that matches your interests.

  • InkHunter: Try tattoos before you buy
  • SketchAR: Learn to draw
  • AR Runner: Change your running experience
  • Spyglass: Take GPS to a whole other level
  • Father.IO: Laser tag first-person shooter game
  • Ghost Snap AR Horror Survival: Survive your own haunted house
  • Five Nights at Freddy’s: Special Delivery: Survive malfunctioning animatronics

Bring the Virtual Into Your World

These AR app examples only scratch the surface of the powerful future of Augmented Reality. AR gives everyone the ability to learn, survive, explore, or see anything by bringing reality directly to them via their mobile device. 

From bringing zombies into your living room to discovering what makes your heart beat, AR brings virtual living to a whole new level. The things you may have never experienced is now possible, thanks to AR technology. The only thing left to decide is: What will you bring into your world?

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