J-Tech Digital Premium Quality 1080P HDMI To HDMI + Audio (SPDIF + RCA Stereo) Audio Extractor Converter (JTDAT5CH)

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This device extracts the digital audio signal from the HDMI input and converts it to 2 channel analog stereo output or 5.1 channel Audio outputs.

To improve our customers experience, we posted the following three methods if you experience no sound from output.

1. Switch EDID Button

Switch the EDID audio switch in the front. Change it between 2CH, 5CH or pass.

2. Turn Off Dolby Digital Plus

Because TOSLINK (SPDIF) does not support Dolby Digital Plus, you need to turn off Dolby Digital Plus function of the input devices. Then the sound can go through the extractor.

a: Amazon Fire TV or Amazon Fire TV Stick

Settings – Display Sound – Audio – Dolby Digital Output – Dolby Digital Plus off

b: Apple TV

Settings – Audio Video – Dolby Digital – on

c: Chromecast

Chromecast plays the contents from your video source, please make sure to turn off the Dolby Digital Plus on the video source through the play devices.

3: If you use the HDMI to DVI or HDMI to VGA cable for the video, you may experience no audio out. In this case, please use HDMI to HDMI cable for the video.

Supports the highest video resolution to 1080p. Supports 225MHz/2.25Gbps per channel bandwidth
Supports 12bit per channel (36bit all channel) deep color. Supports HDCP, Video EDID Pass Through; Plug & Play
Audio EDID Settings: 2CH for L/R or SPDIF stereo output; 5.1CH for SPDIF Output, Supports uncompressed audio such as LPCM. Supports compressed audio such as DTS Digital, Dolby Digital
Provides the Best Flexibility through Three NEW Audio EDID Settings: Pass, 2CH and 5.1CH, Support 3D video (To get 3D, all units connected to the splitter outputs must support 3D). This item supports Apple TV and various Blu-ray player and satellite receivers.



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