Looking back, looking forward...

Earlier this year, Google AdSense celebrated 15 years of partnering with digital content creators like you. A lot has changed since we started – new technology, new challenges, and new opportunities all driven by constantly changing user needs. A few things have endured though – the world has an insatiable appetite for great content and publishers like you remain the beating heart of the open web. Sharing in this mission with you, helping to create millions of sustainable content-first businesses on the web, keeps us going.

While we look back fondly on the last 15 years, your stories inspire us to keep looking forward. There’s lots more to do to support you and set AdSense and our ecosystem up for success for the next 15 years. With that in mind, we’d like to share a preview of how we plan to help you grow and play our part in making advertising work for everyone.

First up, smarter sizing, better ad placements and new formats powered by Google’s machine learning technology. We know you want to spend more time writing content and serving your users than managing ad tags and settings. We want that too. We’ve been investing heavily in understanding the best ways to increase user interest in ads, including when and what type of ads to show, while ensuring they complement your content and respect the experience of visitors to your site. Alongside these new capabilities, we’ll bring you the controls, reporting, and transparency you expect from AdSense to ensure we’re constantly meeting your needs along the way.

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