What Are The Safest And Most Popular Crypto Exchanges?

When it comes to investments, we all know about securities like stocks and bonds. But over the past decade, there’s been another form of investment that’s been sweeping through all markets: cryptocurrency. Cryptocurrency first came to the forefront in 2009 with Bitcoin and the monetary application of blockchain technology. From there, it was merely a means for people online to exchange value within their own circles. Gaming circles, barter, programming exchange—those were the origins of cryptocurrency. As it grew, people took notice of its potential across multiple sectors. In 2017, the cryptocurrency hit new heights by bubbling up to massive values. It eventually subsided with the checks and balances on retail investors cutting back into a more realistic valuation. But even then, the steady rise of crypto is bound to hit new peaks. If you’re interested in trading cryptocurrency, here are the safest and most popular exchanges you can get into today. 


As much as cryptocurrency is a global phenomenon, trading within your continent or currency is incredibly advantageous. You can get real-time updates and live messages relative to the currency exchange that you’re trading at. For instance, one of the most common cryptocurrency trading sites for Australia is Swyftx. They’ve got a whole bunch of attractive features such as a flat rate 0.6% trading fee. If it doesn’t matter if you’re trading big or small, you can rest assured that the minimum fee is calculated as opposed to it fluctuating with the market. The website also generates reports that you can use for your Australian Crypto Tax forms so you’re not left in the dark.


If you’re in the United States, the most popular and accessible to you would most likely be Coinbase. Coinbase has been subject to some criticism over the years. Most fountainhead organizations are. Their fees are significantly higher than Swyftx — around 1.49% for bank card transaction fees and 3.99% for credit card buys. Anything above $200 gets a 0.5% fee on top of the market price. Yes, the fee structure is a bit more advantageous to large investors and less attractive to new investors, but Coinbase has a massive customer base that has reported plenty of profits over the years. 


BTCC focuses primarily on the Chinese market. Because of the ever-fluctuating currency of the PRC, crypto has been a fascinating option for those looking to invest outside of the party line companies through digital forex. It’s currently acknowledged as the longest-running bitcoin exchange on Earth and has been touted as having great liquidity and fast bank deposit confirmation. There are some issues regarding privacy due to its identity verification (as with most things in China) and they only accept bank transfer. It’s definitely meant for those already familiar with securities exchange and has a layout that may not be user friendly to beginners. 

Overall, these three make up some of the best and safest crypto exchanges. They’ve all got their pros and cons, but in the end, it’s about how you trade and how you build your strategy. When it comes to bitcoin, we’re all retail investors, and the volatility of that is reflected in the ever-changing narrative of so-called experts. But if you play your cards right and stick to your plan, you can make some tremendous profits. 

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