Yelp Listings Now Include COVID-19 Information

After months in lockdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic, states around the US are opening back up. However, as they do so, it’s tricky to know which businesses are open. And if they are open, what precautions they’re taking to keep everyone safe from coronavirus.

In an effort to help businesses get that information out to the public, Yelp has added a dedicated COVID-19 section to its business pages. This means that potential customers can see at a glance all of the information they’ll need to know before jumping in the car.

Yelp Helps Businesses Open Back Up Safely

Since March, Yelp has let businesses inform their customers whether they’re open. Now, as detailed on the Yelp Blog, with states opening up and businesses welcoming customers back, Yelp has launched a dedicated COVID-19 section within its listings.

The section includes a wealth of information related to a business’s status and what it’s doing to protect everyone from COVID-19

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. A banner will tell you if a business is open, and if so, what services it will be offering (such as delivery or virtual classes).

Under that will be a list of health and safety measures the business has implemented. This includes whether social distancing is being enforced, whether the staff will be wearing masks and gloves, and whether temperature checks are being carried out.

The idea is that you, as a customer, can check this information before you head out to your favorite store, restaurant, or gym. And to ensure the information is as up-to-date as possible, the section will include a timestamp revealing when it was updated.

Other Ways to Stay Informed About COVID-19

Customers should be able to see the COVID-19 section on businesses pages from today. And it will also be available on the Yelp app on Android or iOS once you update it to the latest version. So you should know what to expect the next time you head out to the mall.

Whether you’re a business owner or a customer, knowledge is key. So, to help you stay informed here are the websites you can trust for COVID-19 information

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. And if you want to help spread the word, here are the websites offering COVID-19 templates and tools

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