100 Days of Beautiful News — Information is Beautiful

Happy Birthday Beautiful News! We’ve just published the 100th graphic in our project celebrating good news, positive trends, uplifting statistics and facts.

To celebrate, we’ve compiled a few uplifting statistics about the Beautiful News project itself.

We’ve published 12 Clean Energy graphics, 5 on Conflict & Crime, 17 on Eco & Climate, 28 on Health, 7 on Nature & Animals, 15 on Quality of Life, 7 on Society & Community, 13 on Women & Girls, and 3 that don’t really fit into any of those categories. (A few graphics sit in more than one category).

Your favourite images to date have been:

  1. Every Single Country Has Seen a Reduction in Child Deaths (since 1950)
  2. Everyone, Everywhere Is Living Longer
  3. The World Has Gained a Fourth Type of Chocolate Outside of Dark, Milk & White – RUBY
  4. Natural Disasters Are Far Less Deadly
  5. Women Can Finally Vote Everywhere
  6. It’s Legal to Be Homosexual in the Majority of World Countries
  7. Homicides Are Falling Around the World
  8. The Best Things in Life Really Are Free
  9. Far More Unites Us Than Divides Us
  10. 100 Countries Have Banned Plastic Bags


Now, we best get moving. 265 more (and a book) to go!

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