17 Effective Cover Letter Templates You Can Customize and Download

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If you’re looking for a new job, you want to make sure you really wow your potential employer with your resume and cover letter. One great way to do that is by using a cover letter template.

While many cover letter templates you’ll find online are boring, black and white documents, we think you can do better than that.

This is why we’ve created stunning, colorful, visually appealing cover letter templates to help your application really stand out from the rest.

Read on to learn more about using a cover letter template and to browse Visme’s options.


What Goes Into a Good Cover Letter

The first thing you’re going to want to understand is what goes into a good cover letter, and actually makes the potential employer reading it want to call you in for an interview.

We’ve put together a list of the top things you need to include in your cover letter to help stand out from the crowd and ensure it gets read.

1. Include the hiring manager’s name.

Don’t start your cover letter off with “Dear Sir or Madam,” or “To Whom It May Concern.”

There are far too many ways to figure out exactly who your cover letter will be going to, so you should use those avenues so you can address your cover letter to the specific person who will be reading it (likely the hiring manager).

Take a look at the company’s team page, browse employees on LinkedIn or if it’s a smaller, local company, call and ask.

If you aren’t able to figure out the specific hiring manager’s name, at the very least address your cover letter to the head of the department you’re applying to.

2. Start with a hook.

Try to really wow your potential employer from the very first sentence of your cover letter. You want to start your cover letter with a bang that makes the reader excited to check out the rest.

And while you still want to include the job that you’re applying for in your opening line or paragraph, try to jazz it up.

“I’m applying for XYZ role, and I think I’d be the perfect fit because ABC,” but make it spicy.

Don’t beg for the job, make your cover letter all about you or overly brag. It’s possible to share why you should be hired over everyone else without sounding like you’re overly confident.

3. Share more than what your resume says.

Your resume is already providing a snippet into your work experience and companies you’ve worked for. Your cover letter is where you expand on the best things you’ve done that make you perfect for this new role.

Relate your past experience to what you’ve seen in the job description to further prove that you’re the one for the job.

You want to really wow potential employers so that they’re excited to schedule an interview with you to learn even more about your experience and what you could bring to the table in this new position.

4. Offer up hard numbers.

If you’re able to, provide concrete numbers and examples of things you’ve achieved in past roles. Were you able to increase revenue by a certain percentage? Did you minimize ad cost by a big number?

Things like that are really valuable to a potential employer because they showcase real results that you have accomplished.

5. Showcase your personality.

Pay attention to the voice of the company that you’re applying for, as this might not always be acceptable.

But if the company voice or brand personality is more friendly and informal, you want to put on the same voice within your cover letter.

Cover letters don’t have to be formal documents. Instead, have fun with introducing yourself and talking about your professional experience, while injecting some of your personality into the writing.

This is a great way to give your potential employer a peek into who you are as a person and how you would get along with the team.

6. Close with a strong statement.

Finally, end your cover letter with a bang. Don’t use something standard like, “I look forward to hearing from you.”

Instead, explain your passion for the company or the role. Let them know you’re willing to relocate if you don’t live with the company is headquartered. Tell the hiring manager that you’re excited about everything you have to offer this position.

Just make sure you’re ending on a positive note that makes the hiring manager want to pick up the phone or open a new email and immediately schedule an interview.


Why Use a Cover Letter Template

Why not make life easier on you and get a bit of help? Our cover letter templates have prewritten cover letters to help provide you with a bit of inspiration, as well as the cover letter design already laid out for you.

Better yet, our cover letter templates match our resume templates so that you can easily find and customize a matching cover letter and resume to impress your new employer.

cover letter template - use a matching resume and cover letter template

Wow your future employer with a visually appealing cover letter that stands out, rather than another boring, black and white Word Document.


Cover Letter Templates You Can Customize

We’ve put together 17 cover letter templates that match our resume templates so that you can easily put together a cohesive job application and land your dream job.

Take a look at the cover letter templates we have available. And don’t fret – even if you don’t see one related to your industry, remember that these can be fully customized to fit your needs.


UI/UX Developer Cover Letter Template

ux/ui developer cover letter template

Put together an easy-to-read cover letter with this minimalistic template. You can keep a similar length for your cover letter, or go a little shorter and simply increase the text size to take up more of the page.


Social Media Manager Cover Letter Template

social media manager cover letter template

Want a small pastel accent in your cover letter? This feminine cover letter template offers the perfect opportunity to showcase your style in your job application.


Business Administrator Cover Letter Template

business administrator cover letter template

This is the perfect cover letter template for those of you with a single personal brand color. You’re able to create an accent using a pop of color versus the remaining black and white color scheme. Keep this pink or input the hex code of your specific shade.


Business Analyst Cover Letter Template

business analyst cover letter template

This two-column cover letter template is a creative way to share your information with any potential employer. Go against the grain of one-column letters and create a newspaper-esque look and feel in your cover letter.


Project Manager Cover Letter Template

project manager cover letter template

Don’t be afraid of using color to help your cover letter stand out. We’re not creating boring documents here, guys. Give this color blocked cover letter template a try and add in your own personal touch by updating any of the colors.


Graphic Designer Cover Letter Template

graphic designer cover letter template

Another great way to steer clear of a boring, black and white document is to use a nice pastel color as the background for your letter. It’ll help your application stand out, while still maintaining a muted feel.


Product Photographer Cover Letter Template

product photographer cover letter template

Highlighting your contact details within a shape or bubble that’s a different color than the rest of your cover letter will help them to stand out so the hiring manager isn’t having to search for your email address or social media profiles.


Business Analyst Cover Letter Template

business analyst cover letter template

Highlight your job title or industry right underneath your name within your cover letter so that the hiring manager knows exactly what you’re applying for, right off the bat. 

Companies occasionally hire for multiple positions at once, so making this clear can be a big help.


Sales Manager Cover Letter Template

sales manager cover letter template

Color also doesn’t have to overwhelm your cover letter in order to make it stand out. Use two complementary accent colors like we see here, to highlight the most important parts, like your name and contact information.


UI/UX Expert Cover Letter Template

ui/ux expert cover letter template

Don’t stop at color. You can even use a stock photo (or your own photo if you’re applying for a photography position) and place a color overlay atop the photo to use it as a background or an accent on your color letter.


Interior Designer Cover Letter Template

interior designer cover letter template

Here’s a great cover letter template where there’s an entire background photo creating a visual border around the letter. With a transparent green sidebar, the photo shines through in other areas of the letter as well.


Fashion Designer Cover Letter Template

fashion designer cover letter template

Another creative way to use color is by adding a color overlay to your headshot that matches the rest of your cover letter’s branding. Visme allows you to adjust opacity levels until you find that perfect overlay.


Photojournalist Cover Letter Template

photojournalist cover letter template

This cover letter template gives you a small section to introduce yourself and your skills before the hiring manager even gets to the rest of your cover letter. This is the perfect place to introduce quantitative results and experience.


Project Manager Cover Letter Template

project manager cover letter template

Include a virtual signature within your cover letter by using a script font to sign your name at the end. Visme offers a wide selection of script fonts for you to find the perfect signature typeface.


Teacher Cover Letter Template

teacher cover letter template

This is another great example of color blocking, however the white background to the letter area ensures that there’s no readability issue with your cover letter. Customize this to fit your personal brand colors for a creative cover letter.


Architect Cover Letter Template

architect cover letter template

If you’re applying for a more official or formal position, using a classic cover letter template like this one is the perfect opportunity to stand out and look clean and professional.


Sales Associate Cover Letter Template

sales associate cover letter template

Another simple way to get creative with your cover letter is by making your main content center-aligned. Create a cover letter that stands out from the rest by using color, alignment, columns and several other ideas.


How to Use a Cover Letter Template

Now that we’ve showcased our available cover letter templates, it’s time to get started customizing and writing your cover letter!

We’ll walk you through the process below, but you can also watch this quick video tutorial on creating documents like cover letters with Visme.

1. Select your template.

First things first, select the template that most closely resembles your personal brand, your industry or simply a design that you like.

Simply scroll through our available cover letter template options and click to edit your favorite.

cover letter template options in visme

You can also scroll through all of our cover letter template options above and click the button directly below it to be taken right to your new template in Visme’s editor.

2. Change the contact information.

All of the contact information we have in place is placeholder information, and you first want to make sure you change or remove every piece of contact information that isn’t pertinent to you.

Be sure to include all relevant contact information so that the hiring manager can easily get in touch with you.

cover letter template - change your contact info

Simply double click in the text box and type in your own phone number, email address and social media logins. You can also change the font by using the dropdown menu if you want to further customize the look of your cover letter.

Add in your own headshot to replace the stock image by selecting the photo, then dragging your replacement onto the screen. The editor will ask if you want to replace the selected image, and you’ll want to select that option.

3. Write your cover letter.

The next step is to actually write your cover letter. We’ve covered what goes into a good cover letter, so time to put pen to paper – or fingers to keyboard – and start typing.

cover letter template - write your cover letter

Just like in the last step, all you need to do is double click inside the text box and start typing in your cover letter content.

Introduce yourself, share which position you’re applying for, explain why you’re the person for the job and personalize it so that your voice is heard through the letter.

4. Sign your cover letter.

As you can see in all of our cover letter templates, we include a signature at the bottom. You’re not actually going to have to print these off and sign them. Instead, you can easily create the illusion of a signature by using a script font.

cover letter template - sign your cover letter

Change the placeholder name to your name, and customize the font if you choose to.

5. Customize to fit your personal brand.

If the cover letter template you chose is perfect, then you don’t need to worry about customizing it further. Simply change the information and you’re ready to send off!

However, if you want to match your personal brand a bit more, you can easily set up a Brand Kit in Visme to access your fonts and colors.

Set up color themes or use the ones provided to change the entire color scheme of your cover letter with a single click.

cover letter template - customize to fit your personal brand

You can also switch out the fonts in your cover letter if there’s another option that you like better. Your Brand Kit even allows you to import fonts that might not be in our editor.

6. Add interactivity.

Really impress your potential employer by making your cover letter interactive. Visme allows you to link elements in your cover letter, so you can make things like your email address, social media profiles and personal website clickable.

cover letter template - add interactivity

You could also add animated icons, illustrations or characters to help spice up your design. Learn more about creating interactive documents with Visme.

7. Share with your potential employer.

There are several ways you can share your cover letter with potential employers. You can download a (non-interactive) PDF version of your letter to attach to an email or print.

You can also host your cover letter with Visme and generate a shareable link to send out to potential employers.

cover letter template - share with your potential employer

Send off your cover letter and wait for the calls for an interview to come rolling in.


Customize Your Cover Letter Template Today

Ready to land your dream job? Customize your resume and cover letter templates right inside Visme to quickly and easily create a visually appealing application.

Sign up for Visme today to get started.

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