Crazy Plot Twists in Films: Simplified

Crazy plot twists are always welcome in movies. People watch movies so that they can go on an adventure and what makes an adventure better? A twist you’d never expect. Sometimes a plot can have so many twists and turns that it becomes confusing, but we still love these movies nevertheless.

To make things easier, people of the web started making infographics to make the plot of the movies we love a little easier to understand. Here are some of our favorites.

Warning: Spoilers ahead!

If we’re talking about crazy plot twists and confusing storylines, Inception is an immediate candidate. The whole story is basically about entering dreams, stealing information or planting ideas into the person’s head. The infographic does not explain Inception’s plot (with its many theories) and instead, it illustrates the main inception mission.

Time traveling, while a popular plot for movies, is always a confusing concept to understand. This is especially for the case of Back to the Future which basically plays with the concept of time traveling to the past and the future. The infographic explains the different timelines in the movies, as well illustrating what timelines had the ripple effect. Ripple effect meaning that when something changes in the past, something changes in the future. When this happens, the person in the future goes back to the new timeline that the person in the past created.

Looper is another film that plays with the idea of time travel. It follows the story of killers called “Loopers” that are hired by crime syndicates from the future to kill people they send back through time. The film is also known to have created debates among fans as it leaves its viewers with a lot of questions, time paradoxes, and plot holes. The infographic tries to illustrate the timeline of the film but the question marks also indicate that there’s no actual explanation as to what happened.

While X-Men is not exactly as complicated as the others, the movies are not in actual chronological order. The events that happen in the movies are all interwoven with each other. The infographic just helps the audience see a chronological order of events of what happens in the X-Men movies, making us see a clearer picture.

It’s obvious that there is a lot to unpack in Quentin Tarantino’s Pulp Fiction. If you’re fans of the show, you will probably enjoy this infographic of the film in chronological order. It illustrates who are the characters that are moving, not moving, and dead. The infographic also shows some of the iconic lines of the film, as well as memorable places and props, as well as which parts are flashbacks.

In classic Christopher Nolan style, one shouldn’t be surprised that Interstellar another movie with a non-linear narrative. If you found yourself confused after watching the film, don’t worry, you’re not alone. To make things easier, watch the film again with this infographic on hand. The infographic shows the timeline of each astronaut and what happens in the movie as a whole.

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