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We always love a good crossover and the thought of casting Disney characters as Marvel characters is always an interesting one.

Samuel Chevé, a French artist, has created a series of illustrations where our beloved Disney characters are reimagined as our favorite Marvel superheroes. He publishes these works under the name, Lamuse. Check out some of our favorites!

Flynn Rider

Which Marvel character does Rapunzel’s Flynn Rider suits best? Tony Stark?

Or maybe Bucky Barnes?

Actually, Flynn looks good as Loki too. Together with…

Kristoff Bjorgman

as Thor.

Kristoff could be Star Lord too. Or even Captain America.

King Agnarr

But I think, King Agnarr, Anna and Elsa’s father, is the best choice for Captain America.

Lieutenant Mattias

Another favorite reimagination is Frozen 2‘s Lieutenant Mattias as Tchalla.

Anna and Elsa

Of course, the powerful sibling duo is going to be reimagined as the powerful women of MCU.

The Incredibles

How about Mr. Incredible as the Hulk? and Mrs. Incredible as Hela.

Violet and Dash are also great looking as Shuri and Peter Parker.

Jack Jack is adorable as always as Sven.

and Lucius, or Frozone, is a great choice for Heimdall!


But my favorite creation so far is Vanellope as Morgan Stark. How about yours? What’s your favorite?

To see more of Samuel Chevé’s original works, you can visit his Instagram. He also features other characters as well from Star Wars and DC.

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