Independence Day is coming up this weekend and families are getting to celebrate. While mass gatherings are still not advisable during these times, make the most out of this joyous day by binge-watching your favorite Fourth of July movies! If you have no idea what to watch, prepare your popcorn and get comfortable on your couch as you choose from our picks for the best Fourth of July movies to watch.


1776 is like the popular musical, Hamilton, without the rapping and catchy songs. A 1972 film, 1776 brings us back to the past when USA was first founded. The film tells us the story of the struggles of the American Revolution as the founding fathers fought for independence. If you’re up for watching the history of America’s founding through musical numbers, 1776 is definitely a must-watch. For another movie that talks about founding fathers, look out for the broadway musical, Hamilton‘s film to come to Disney+ on July 3.

National Treasure

If you’re looking something more adventurous on July 4th, National Treasure is definitely on the list. A coded map behind the Declaration of Independence sounds thrilling, adventurous, and a lot of conspiracies. Join historian Benjamin Franklin Gates as he tries to steal the Declaration of Independence and decode a treasure map. A treasure map that supposedly leads you to the “national treasure.”

Independence Day

If we’re talking about Fourth of July movies, the Independence Day franchise should definitely not be missed out on. The film takes us on the sci-fi route as we follow Captain Steven Hiller, a pilot, and President Thomas Whitmore. After an alien invasion attack on the day of the Independence Day, the two characters try to win against the aliens and save the people.


Nothing spells more American than the Rocky films. Rocky Balboa, the main protagonist, has become an American boxing icon – despite being fictional. From being a regular, middle-class American, Rocky rose to fame as a boxer. Not only does this make him relatable to a majority of Americans, he also serves as inspiration for them. As Sylvester Stallone, the guy who played Rocky, said, “When they’re cheering for Rocky, they’re cheering for themselves.”

Rocky IV is probably one of the best installments in the film series as Rocky takes on the USSR boxer, Ivan Drago. It’s basically USA vs. USSR, but boxing.


After Rocky, Miracle is a great movie to follow it up with. Another sports drama film, Miracle tells us the triumph of the USA Men’s Ice Hockey team during Olympics. It is a true story based on the match between USA and Soviet Union during the 1980 Winter Olympics. That time, the Soviet team were the favored winners. However, the USA team, led by Coach Herb Brooks then, won over the Soviet team and that particular match was dubbed as, “Miracle on Ice.” Reliving the experience through Miracle will definitely get your patriotic heart pumping.

Hidden Figures

Oscar-nominated film, Hidden Figures, is an incredible movie that empowers not only Americans, but women as well. It follows the story of three black female mathematicians of NASA, Katherine Jonson, Dorothy Vaughan, and Mary Jackson. They were the brains behind the momentous orbit launch of the astronomer John Glenn as part of the Space Race. The film shows the audience that while they had massive contributions under the belt and that they were more qualified, these three women still struggled to fight against discrimination in their workplace.

This biographical film not only celebrates USA’s achievements in space, but also gives recognition to the women that played a part in it.

Pearl Harbor

While mainly a love story, Pearl Harbor is a fictional portrayal of the historical Attack on Pearl Harbor. Follow the story of two childhood best friends, Rafe McCawley and Danny Walker, who go on to join the war during World War II. The film does not only depict the soldiers and the war, it also tells us the more humane and the tragedies that war brings. Wars do not only involve countries, they also involve people that have families, friends, and loved ones – and Pearl Harbor is successful in reminding us of that. It is a film that successfully tells us a story of friendship, love, patriotism, heartbreak, and loss.

Captain America: The First Avenger

Patriotism and Marvel complete our Fourth of July movies list with Captain America: The First Avenger. Nothing is more patriotic than naming yourself after the country you’re fighting for. Take a trip to the past – to WWII – and follow Steve Rogers’ story as he turns from a sickly, frail man to the ultimate superhero to fight against the Nazis, and prevent them from world domination.

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