Gardens: How Do They Look Around the World? #Infographic

Gardens: How Do They Look Around the World?

Centuries ago, gardens were mostly dedicated to farming purposes and cultivating crop for food. But those times are in the distant past and gardens are very different as we know them today. Sure, people still choose to grow food in their own gardens, but gardening is now also about aesthetics and design.

We can justify that beautiful gardens are actually a thing since garden designing is even included as an actual academic discipline now. Just like any other form of art and design, a person’s garden can give away a lot about their personality. For example, many people choose to have fountains and other ornaments in their garden, while others don’t.
There are more factors that contribute to gardens not looking the same around the world. They vary from person to person according to what they choose to plant and how they set up their garden design, but also because not all plants can be grown in each and every region.

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All in all, a garden varies from country to country on the basis of the particular culture. For instance, English gardens have a lot of flowers, pathways and cottages, as traditional English architecture is often the soul of their gardens. Another example will be that of Spain in which we can find mosaic tiles, a reflection of their cross-cultural past. 

To know more about how gardens differ across the globe, have a look at the infographic below.

Gardens: How Do They Look Around the World?

Infographic by: 4EverDeck

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