How COVID-19 affects the democratic and republican counties #infographic

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, people have suffered a
lot. Not to forget that the US presidential elections are closing in, and this
is a crucial stage in a candidate’s presidential race. During this time, the
nation is very divided between Democratic and Republican camps, which makes it
hard to pinpoint the voters’ moods.

A study merged the data of registered voters with the
COVID-19 statistics per county in order to see the difference in the spread of
this disease in each community. The study reveals a gap which may impact the
upcoming elections.

The result of the study showed that democratic counties have
a higher percentage of the population that is infected as well as in the
cumulative cases. However, Republicans are not far behind as the situation is
getting increasingly difficult for them with the rise of daily new cases.

It was also recorded that the disease was spreading quicker
among the 17 Democratic counties, whereas 11 Republican counties had a quick
spread rate. Texas and Washington are the two states where the disease was
spreading equally among the two communities. New York was a state where the
disease created an imbalance in the spread.
The following infographic will show how COVID-19 has been
affecting the Democratic and Republican communities across the country.

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