How Piktochart is Supporting Those Fighting COVID-19

What’s happening in the world these days is scary. It impacts all of us in so many different areas of our lives. 

The bad news: it’s probably going to get worse until it gets better. The good news: together we are stronger and we can fight back. 

Individuals and companies need to proactively react to help each other through this difficult time. Every contribution counts. We are happy to see that more and more companies started offering their services free of charge or on a discounted rate to the COVID-19 fighters (see a full list here). It was also a no-brainer to our team at Piktochart that we want to join this movement.

Why do we think it could help? We noticed that now, it is more important than ever to communicate effectively and share reliable information about the coronavirus situation. 

As a visual communication company, we want to help manage the response by offering 3-months of Piktochart Pro plan for FREE  to anyone fighting the spread of COVID-19 or working hard to help those affected. 

We hope that by creating easy to consume and understand visuals such as infographics, data visualizations, presentations, social media posts or reports COVID-19 fighters can increase awareness about the virus and flatten the curve.

Anyone who would like to take advantage of this offer can sign up HERE.

We are committed to providing ongoing support in these trying times, and we hope that our small gesture will help you stay productive and inspired! Remember, we are in this together!

Finally, we would like to use this opportunity to say “Thank You” to those who put their health and life at risk everyday to protect all of us from the virus. Please know that you are our heroes!

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