Job hunting becomes difficult amidst the coronavirus pandemic #infographic

Amidst the pandemic, where businesses have suffered by being
closed down, the job market has also been hit very hard in this pandemic. 2020
is not a very bright year for job seekers because of the toll that the markets
have taken after the crisis hit.

Freshly graduated students are not roaming unemployed
seeking a job. Everything is being operated remotely, and very few companies
are hiring new employees. The unemployment rate peaked at an all-time high in
the last week of April. May was a good month as the lockdown was being cooled
down, and a few businesses were allowed to open. Still, the job prospects have
changed dramatically over the course of the past few months.

Jobvite, a recruiting software company, led a string of
surveys in February and April, respectively. February was a month when the
virus was still new and was just starting to spread, the reports suggested that
almost 28% of people were afraid of losing their jobs – compare that to April,
and the number has risen up to 41%. It was also noted that in April, many
people had planned a second source of income.

Take a look at the following survey to find the analysis and
key findings of the study that went underway.

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