Managing cybersecurity in work from home routine #infographic

As companies have their employees to remotely work at home
amid the pandemic, few concerns are being brought to light. The changing
dynamic has become the new trend and, with it, new challenges, such as
maintaining an optimal work-life balance, employee engagement and
communication, and, of course, cybersecurity.
Businesses are facing new challenges that weren’t brought up
before, and hence, new strategies are being planned. Data security has been a
concern in the last decade, but it has been on the rise with more people coming
to the online working dynamic. People who were familiar with the online working
environment adopted the new dynamic quickly whereas, people new to this
struggle – and some are still struggling in adjusting to it.
The cybersecurity can cause privacy breaches of many people
as fraudulent personnel attack their personal computers to steal personal data.
When an employee is present physically in the company, safety precautions are
in place to avoid cyber-attacks on their systems.
However, working from home is not the same as the majority
of working people are using their personal computers and laptops to work, which
means there are no such safety measures in place. Other than that, there is
also a concern for mental health and exhaustion within the workers.
In a recent survey by Twingate, one thousand employees
working from home were asked about their concerns regarding this new norm. The
results clarified the areas of focus that many companies must consider to
ensure the positive working nature of its workers and increase productivity.
The key findings of the survey were:
  • Zoom is the software of choice for the companies
    to facilitate the video conferencing amidst te pandemic.
  • 22% of these employees had to purchase a VPN to
    minimize their concerns of hacker attacks.
  • 40% of employees experienced mental exhaustion
    from the video conferencing,
  • 58% of employees reported discussion of
    sensitive information over the video conferencing,

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