The Best Free Family Tree Templates for Microsoft Word and Excel

Most of us are familiar with a couple of generations within our families. But we all know that everyone’s family history goes back much further than that.

There are websites available that can help you research your ancestors. So if you’d like to create your own family tree, with the details you already have, that you can build on with your research, these templates are ideal.

Here are several terrific family tree templates for Microsoft Word and Excel for both adults and kids.

Family Tree Templates for Adults

Depending on how many generations you plan or are able to include in your family tree, one of these templates is sure to be a great fit.

Five-Generation Family Tree Chart

5-Gen Family Tree Template-MS Office

Since the templates we’re providing are for Word and Excel, there’s no better place to begin than with one from Microsoft Office.

This five-generation family tree template is available for Excel as a download or for use in Excel Online. It’s a very basic chart with boxes, lines, and nothing fancy, but gets the job done.

Start by adding yourself and then work your way through the generations. There’s plenty of space to include first and last names, titles, and birthdates, or years. So you have the flexibility to include only those details you want.

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Three-Generation Family Tree Generator

Family Tree Template Generator-MS Office

Another template from Microsoft Office for Excel, this one builds a family tree for you. You’ll begin on the Family Members tab by entering three generations with spouses, parents, and children.

When you finish typing in your details, click the Create Family Tree button. Then hop over to the Family Tree tab to see your creation.

Family Tree Template Generator Tab -MS Office

This is a nice template and family tree generator because you can easily change your tree with the click of a button as your family grows.

Six-Generation Family Tree Template

6-Gen Family Tree Template-Vertex42

If you want to go back six generations on your family tree, then check out this template from Vertex42. Similar to the first basic template from Microsoft Office, this one is structured the same way and has room to add names, dates, and more. The Example tab includes a neat sample and you’ll see that it also includes the states of residence for each person.

As a bonus, you can add a small photo next to each family member. Although the pictures will appear tiny in the Excel sheet, this is a cool option if you plan to print your family tree.

Four-Generation Family Tree Template

4-Gen Family Tree Template-TemplateNet

For a neatly structured, landscape view template for Word, this one from has placeholders ready for four generations of your family members.

Just replace the names, birthdates, and locations with those for your family. And if you need to add more people, you can use the simple editing features in Word to copy and paste the placeholders and connecting lines.

Four-Generation Family Tree Generator

Family Tree Generator-FPPT

To take this list of templates for adults up a notch, have a look at this next one from Free PowerPoint Templates. The template is for Microsoft Excel (not PowerPoint) and has tons of extras in addition to the family tree generator.

Go through each of the labeled tabs and enter names for both your maternal and paternal family members. Those names will automatically populate to create your family tree in the same named tab.

What makes this family tree template stand out, aside from filling in the names for you, is that each tab contains nicely displayed details. You can add photos, notes, and information about each child.

Family Tree Generator Tab-FPPT

In addition, you can click the Details buttons on the family tree to head right to that person’s tab. And reversely, you can click the Back to Tree button on a tab to go right to that person’s spot on the tree.

If you’re interested in an attractive family tree template and generator with bonus features, this is it.

Family Tree Templates for Kids

Maybe your child has a school project, or you simply want to do a project together at home. These nifty family tree templates are excellent options for kids. They don’t go back several generations like those for adults, but they offer visually fun ways for your child to view the family tree.

12- and 20-Member Family Trees

TemplateLab has an enormous collection of family tree templates for both adults and children. For little kids specifically, these are two really cute choices for Word.

The apple design gives you 12 spots for family members. With a neat apple for each person, you can type in everyone’s name or use the spaces for photos instead.

Family Tree Template Apple-TemplateLab

The other tree has spots for 20 family members if your clan is a bit bigger. This family tree template is designed more for written names rather than photos.

Family Tree Template Tree-TemplateLab

13-Member Family Tree Templates offers almost 20 family tree templates for kids, including these two fun options for children designed for Word.

One template has hand drawn, cartoon-style images of all family members from grandparents to children. You can simply swap out the names for those of your own family.

Family Tree Template Cartoon-TemplateNet

The other template is ideal for photos. Pop in a picture for each person from your computer or print it out first and then glue them on. You can type or write each family member’s name right beneath their photograph.

Family Tree Template Photo-TemplateNet

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15-Member Family Tree Template

15-Gen Family Tree Template-TemplateLab

One more template from TemplateLab that’s great for kids is this 15-member family tree for Microsoft Word.

It has a nice casual but colorful look that an older child might really like. You can easily enter everyone’s name and include extra details like birthdates and locations.

For additional family members, you can add more boxes using Word’s SmartArt Text feature. Just click on the chart and when the window pops open, use the plus sign to add another name box. You can also use the arrows to rearrange the boxes and move family members to the right spots.

15-Gen Family Tree Template SmartArt Edit Tool-TemplateLab

Plant Your Family Tree With a Template

From small families to large ones, there’s a family tree template on this list that should be exactly what you need. And since learning more about your heritage can be informative and fun at the same time, this type of project is wonderful for yourself or for you and your child to do together.

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