The Future Of Workplace AR & VR Training

Your employees are your organization’s lifeblood; their happiness, attitude and productivity at work hinges on a myriad of aspects in your business. The workplace training you provide ensures your employees carry out their duties efficiently and safely.

As businesses evolve in the digital age, workplace training must be adapted to suit the ever-changing needs of their employees. It’s up to you to future-proof your workplace processes and explore new and effective ways to engage your employees at every level. We’ve seen augmented reality and virtual reality technology grow in the past few years and it shows no sign of slowing down.

More companies every year are exploring immersive technology as a viable alternative to traditional workplace training, which can be time-consuming, resource-heavy, and disengaging.

Tech-fuelled training will help businesses save time and money on training tools. AR-based and VR-based workplace training has the real potential to boost employee engagement, improve retention, energize productivity, and build lasting relationships.

Our latest infographic includes:
– What is AR and VR?
– Insight into the global demand for AR and VR training
– Statistics on the real-world AR & VR training programs
– AR & VR trends we see in 2020 and beyond

Chaos Theory explores how immersive technology can be used to enhance overall workplace performance as we take a look at real-world data and statistics. We also make our own predictions about AR & VR training for the next decade.

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The Future Of Workplace AR & VR Training


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