Google recommends users to use the built-in feature of the Chrome browser to remember the data they repeatedly enter into webpages while surfing the internet, specifically those webpages that you use for secure transactions. Whether someone is comfortable by handing Chrome their login credentials or credit card details or not, it is unarguably quicker and secure in several ways. However, it is still not entirely convenient, and Google needs to roll out some improvements to Chrome Autofill to make it more secure. Now, the company is updating Autofill on Android with biometric support for the credit card, and a touch-to-fill accounts list will also be introduced.

Chrome has always required users to enter the 3-digit CVC for credit card confirmation. This is simple, but the company wants to simplify this step further by allowing you to provide that credit card confirmation through face recognition or fingerprint.

The Chrome browser uses W3C standard WebAuthn to keep your data secure, and the biometric information will stay on your smartphone. This indicates that now you will not need to enter the 3-digit CVC, however, if you are using your credit card for the first time while making a purchase through the Chrome browser on Android, you will need to enter CVC.

If you don’t want to use this feature, or if your smartphone does not support it, you can still opt to verify your credit card with the 3-digit CVC. There is also an option in the Chrome browser to disable this functionality. The functionality first surfaced via a Chrome flag earlier this month, and the company tested biometric support for Chrome Autofill back in January of this year.

The biometric support for credit card confirmation will be rolled out to users in the upcoming few weeks. It is worth noting that the capability is already available to users on Mac and Windows operating systems. Discussing the passwords, the company also simplifying the sign-in process. The new touch-to-fill tool will now display you all saved login credentials for the current site. A recognizable sheet with the title ‘Continue with account’ will appear on your screen.

This will make it easier for you to sign in to sites that you are have already signed into before when using your smartphone will one hand since you will not need to type the login credentials. This feature will also be rolled out to users in the upcoming few weeks.

Google Is Adding New Features To Make Chrome Autofill More Secure, Rolling Out Biometric Confirmation and an Enhanced Login Experience

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