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According to recently updated stats by StatCounter, more than 92 percent of search queries on the internet across the globe are looked up on Google. Following Google is Microsoft’s Bing that is only occupying a 2.78% search engine market share. At the third place lies Yahoo! With 1.6% queries being searched through it worldwide. These stats are a clear indication of Google’s dominance.

Russia’s Yandex rounds off the top 5 with a 1.29% market share. Baidu, the top search engine in China, is currently witnessing about 0.92% of all search queries worldwide going through it.

Shedding light on Google’s sheer dominance in the search engine market, the tech giant doesn’t just boast the search engine with the biggest market share worldwide but also in the US alone.

It was found out that in the US, Google occupies an 87.6% share in the search engine market. While this is down from Google’s worldwide search volume share, it is sufficient to give the tech giant a whopping lead.

Following Google in the US is once again, Bing, with a 7.02% share. Claiming the third spot is Yahoo! with a 3.38% share. Unlike the top 5 search engines (by market share) worldwide, the final two entries in the top 5 in the US are occupied by DuckDuckGo (1.61%) and Ecosia (0.12%).

When you turn your attention to the search queries looked up on mobile devices across the US, it turns out that over 95% of all mobile search queries are done through Google.

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