NOCO GCP1 15 Amp 125V AC Port Plug Power Inlet with 16-Inch Integrated Extension Cord

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The GCP1 is an AC Port Plug Power Inlet with a 16-inch integrated extension cord that offers optimal flexibility and ease of installation. It works with any extension cord and requires no cable modifications or hand wiring. Its sleek, ultra low-profile design not only works seamlessly on any application but includes a pressure-fit cap for a watertight seal. And it makes a charging port, engine block, or garage outlet more accessible than ever before – giving you endless possibilities. Rated at 15-amps, 125-volts (14AWG), designed for use with all types of extension cords with Type-B plugs, and UL approved. Other commonly used search terms: gcp1, noco gcp1, ac port plug, onboard charger inlet, ac power inlet, inlet plug, 15 amp power inlet, 110 inlet, power inlet, power inlet receptacle, power inlet port plug, trailer 110v power inlet, 110v power inlet, ac inlet, noco power inlet, noco inlet, rv inlet, rv power inlet, board charger inlet, power inlet port, 120v inlet, marine power inlet, 13 amp inlet, charging inlet, 110 power inlet, 125 inlet, 125v power inlet, flanged inlet receptacle, recessed power inlet, inlet power plug, male inlet, 15 amp inlet, 15 amp flanged inlet, 15amp inlet, 120v power inlet, 15a power inlet, 15amp power inlet, 120v inlet, 110v inlet, 120 volt power inlet, inlet socket, inlet outlet, male power inlet, marine battery charger inlet, flanged inlet, flanged power inlet, outlet inlet, power inlet socket, camper power inlet, charger inlet, plug inlet, power inlet outlet, rv inlet plug, power inlet plug, charging inlet, f150 accessories, f-150 accessories, f250 accessories, f-250 accessories, f350 accessories, f-350 accessories, ford truck accessories, ford raptor accessories, silverado accessories, silverado 1500 accessories, silverado 2500 accessories, silverado 3500 accessories, ram accessories, ram truck accessories, ram 1500 accessories, ram 2500 accessories, ram 3500 accessories, toyota tacoma accessories, toyota tundra accessories, gmc sierra accessories, gmc truck accessories, and pickup truck accessories.

AC port plug power inlet with an integrated 18-inch extension cord.
Rated at 15-amps, 125-volts (14awg) for peak performance.
Requires no cable modification or hand wiring.
Full-sized AC prongs for maximum conductivity.
Easy installation into a 2-inch whole size.


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