Star Trek Bathing Suit Round-Up for the Summer

Summer is the best time to go out and enjoy the sun. People go to the beach, go to a local pool, or even just go out to their own backyards and soak up the sun. To make the most out of summer, a swimwear is a must. Finding cute, pretty, and even geeky ones becomes a mission – especially for the ladies. For this summer, Star Trek fans can bust out their inner geek as we’ve rounded up some of the great Star Trek bathing suit finds!

Star Trekini

Image Credit: Etsy

For the ladies, there are these cute string bikinis with the Star Trek logo hand-painted on them on Etsy! The bikinis also come in colors red and yellow. For the men, there is also a red swim trunks available with the Star Trek logo also hand painted. The swimsuits are made from lycra and spandex material.

Image Credit: Etsy
Image Credit: Amazon

To those who prefer one-piece swimsuits, these cute Star Trek Logo swimsuits from Amazon should be on your cart! The swimsuit has a low-cut neckline and back made from form-fitting material. These are great to wear at a beach or at a pool, and shows off your curves while still being geeky. You can choose from more than 10 designs of the Star Trek logo you want to be printed on your swimsuit.

Image Credit: Amazon

Aebipo on Amazon has a line of breathable board shorts for Star Trek fans. They’re comfortable to wear and great for anyone who doesn’t like the swim trunks. Moreover, their Star Trek designs have references that we’re sure the fans will love!


Image Credit: Amazon

Just like the famous Vulcan salute with Spock’s image in between.

Image Credit: Amazon

Or the famous catchphrase, “Beam me up, Scotty!” However, fans can opt to choose to customize the design and have their name printed instead of Scotty.

Image Credit: Amazon

The board shorts are made of 100% polyester, an elastic waistband, and a single fabric. Guaranteed breathable and a perfect wear to the beach!

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