The Dark Web and its Secrets

The internet we use every day is massive in size – triple the
size of the ocean but that is just on the surface of it. There are layers to
the internet and the internet we surf is just the top layer and it doesn’t even
scratch the surface of what is underneath.
The second layer of the internet is called the Deep Web
where all the transactions, microtransactions, passwords and other encrypted
data flows around. This layer is very secure and does everything securely under
the surface so hackers cannot easily access this sensitive information.
The third and probably the most dangerous layer is the Dark
Web. This is a place that is not easily accessible to a normal being and a
place for a vast number of illicit and nefarious activities. These activities range
from hiring hackers to stealing data and beyond what our minds can comprehend. It
is like a black market of the internet where everything illegal is happening.
According to a research, it was evident that there are more
than $1.5 trillion generated from cybercrime services on the Dark Web market. Other
than that, credit card details, cybercrimes, illegal arms dealership is also a
part of this world.
Take a look at the following infographic about the Dark Web.

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