This is the way to keep The Child with you always

The Mandalorian may still be a few months away. But there’s no stopping us from treating ourselves with The Child‘s cuteness, which comes in many forms.

Cradle your Amazon Echo Dot Gen 3 with The Child

The Mandalorian may be carrying The Child in the Star Wars show. But for your smart speaker from Amazon, it is The Child that does the cradling.

Perfect for fans of the show who have their own Amazon Echo Dot Gen 3 and who just can’t get enough of the Yoda look-alike, this dock from Otterbox is just the cutest. It does not disrupt any of the speaker’s smart functionalities, so you’re sure to get to ask Alexa for the usual tasks. Now if someone brings back that functionality where Alexa can talk like Yoda…

The Child plushie that “talks”

Okay, The Child has yet to make any actual speech in the series. But this is the closest we can all get so far. Squeeze this cute thing to hear it make one of the 10 vocal sounds. Since it is a plushie, nothing is stopping you from cuddling it an carrying it around in your arms. We might actually do the same thing when we get our hands on one.

Build The Mandalorian and The Child

There’s cute and then there’s geeky cute. This Lego Blockheadz set featuring the galaxy’s latest dynamic duo is surely the latter. You get 295 pieces in a box to create a very adorable version of the characters. Plus, you can also build the hover pram to cradle the baby and some weapons for the bounty hunter. With both figures at 3 inches high, it is quite easy to find the perfect spot on your desk for these blocks.

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