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Know How The Cryptocurrency Changes The Gaming Industry

Blockchain technology is being used not only in crypto assets such as Bitcoin (virtual currency/cryptocurrency) but also in various fields such as supply chain, medical care, art, and even games. Today, games are slowly becoming a reality. Massively Multiplayer Online, which means a large-scale multiplayer online game, replaces a computer-operated character called a “non-player character” with a “player character” that is operated by a real human being. Recent developers are also bringing real currencies into the in-game economy in an attempt to increase revenue from gaming services. As a result, players are often asked to pay real money instead of virtual money earned in-game for familiar interactions. As the line between reality and unreality becomes vaguer, the risk to the player increases. When a game asks a player to buy an item for money, it inevitably (though not intentionally) invites scammers, illegal duplicators of in-game items, and other fraudsters. I will. Suddenly,

Apple releases watchOS 7 Public Beta 4

We recently heard about the new watchOS 7 beta 7 for developers and now apple has released a new beta to its public beta testers, the watchOS 7 Public Beta 4. This new Public Beta of Apple’s watchOS 7 lands just over a week after the previous beta and it brings a range of new […] ( Read More … ) The post Apple releases watchOS 7 Public Beta 4 appeared first on Geeky Gadgets . Source link

Why PC Gamers Should Build Their Own Systems

PC gaming has been declared dead or dying more times than we can count in the past decade, yet every year the industry keeps performing better than the last. Not that consoles are doing poorly. Consoles have been doing just fine since the 8-bit era and there is no reason that will change. It’s just that some gamers have always preferred the PC platform and will continue to do so. Just to be clear: there is no reason to choose sides. Some prefer gaming on a Switch, some on Xbox, PlayStation or PC – and still others own or use several platforms – all of which is fine. But for someone who enjoys PC gaming the most, it might be encouraging to know that most game developers agree that the PC is the most important platform. More Options, Greater Flexibility So, why should anyone who prefers PC gaming build a system on their own? One of the main reasons is that you practically always get better value by also investing a few hours. By buying all parts yourself, you can be sure that yo

Reminder: StackSkills Unlimited Lifetime Access for $59

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Celebrate the new moving RX-78-2 Gundam with these finds

The moving RX-78-2 Gundam ‘s assembly in Yokohama, Japan is now complete . While it will take a while before it is presentation ready, dozens of footage showing the mecha’s movements being tested are online to keep us excited. To celebrate, Gundam Yokohama Factory is launching two special edition plastic model kits. Unfortunately, these specific releases are only available in Japan. But if we can take a cue from the last lifesize Gundam in Odaiba, there should be a similar model without the Factory Yokohama exclusive tag released also. At least we hope they will But that won’t stop global Gundam fans from getting their hands on these kits, right? But if looking for items to scratch that itch right now, here are some Gundam pieces that you might consider. HG 1/144 RX-78-2 Beyond Global The first Gundam’s latest design boasts the “culmination of the various technologies used to create the HG line over the years.” This plastic kit features quality articulation to match the slee

Microsoft Says That It Won't Allow Windows Defender To Be Disabled Via Registry To Support A Security Feature Called Tamper Protection / Digital Information World

With the release of Windows 10 version 1903, Microsoft rolled out a new Tamper Protection security feature. This feature protects security settings for Defender antivirus from being disabled by third-party programs or malware. The company has now confirmed that it no longer let Defender to be disabled via the Windows 10 Registry to support this security feature. Microsoft Defender will now only be disabled via Windows Settings or when another antivirus is installed on the PC. When the Tamper Protection security feature is enabled, it will only allow Windows Defender related settings to be changed when done via the Security settings screen. If any third-party program like malware, or ever PowerShell tries to change security settings, the Tamper Protection security feature will block the settings from being changed. Therefore, this feature is an integral part of the Windows 10 security environment, and you should enable this feature for increased protection from malware and malicious

LinkedIn is bringing three new features including My Company tab, Events tab, and view Page followers feature for Page Admins, globally / Digital Information World

LinkedIn conducted a survey recently and found out that the coronavirus pandemic has brought more changes to the corporate world than it was imagined. Due to the general global lockdown situation, companies encourage their employees to work from home. Even though now lockdown has been lifted in many regions and countries, many companies are still observing the work-from-home trend. However, it has been noticed that people are feeling less connected to each other due to this trend. According to LinkedIn’s survey, 31% of employees have reported feeling less connected to their leaders, while 37% of employees have felt the lack of connectivity with their fellow teammates. 40% of employees say that they are missing the connection with their friends. This trend will probably stay for a while until the pandemic is over, however, LinkedIn decided to add three new features to make these connections stronger and better than before while the challenges of the pandemic are still lingering. Th

Facebook’s AR glasses are going to have advanced audio features to provide users a ‘magical’ experience / Digital Information World

Facebook’s AR/VR division has recently released a sneak peek for their upcoming AR glasses, and this facility which is now known as Facebook Reality Labs is all set to include some advanced auditory features to provide a much enhanced, and more immersive user experience in the alternate/virtual reality world. The researchers at Facebook Reality Labs have made some interesting claims. They say that they aim to improve users’ sense of presence in AR and VR, engulfing them and involving them completely, while also to give them the capability to block unnecessary noise and amplify the sound they want to hear whether it is someone speaking to them in a room full of various noises, or it is some particular music in a room full of different sounds. While the preferred sound will be amplified, the background noise will all be canceled. The amplification of the users’ preferred sound will be made through some unique microphones. The Chief Scientist of FRL Research Michael Abrash claims t

A new study by Mozilla researchers suggest that there is nothing like anonymity while collecting users’ data as claimed by different browsers / Digital Information World

Tech companies often claim that all the data that they collect from users is ‘anonymous’ and cannot be used to identify users. Even when company’s like Xiaomi are grilled for collecting user data intrusively through its default browser’s incognito mode, they came up with the explanation that all this data is ‘anonymous’ or ‘aggregated’ and does not affect the users at all, as it cannot identify them as such. Other third-party browsers also say the same thing, but is that really true?? Apparently not! Three researchers from Mozilla conducted a study and collected data from around 35 million website visits to 660,000 unique domains. As per this study, Mozilla researchers have established that the majority of people all over the world pose distinctive browsing habits, and because of this uniqueness, online advertisers can easily identify them by re-creating their accurate profiles. This study is an extension of research that was conducted in 2012. It was revealed then that around 9

Snapchat’s Smartphone App On Android and iOS Recorded Nearly 28.5 New Million Downloads During August 2020 / Digital Information World

Continued uncertainty around the future of the TikTok app may have provided the Snapchat app a big boost during August of this year, or maybe it was just a Snapchat filter called the Disney eye filter that went viral. This filter ‘Disneyfies’ your pets. In any case, Sensor Tower’s data indicate that Snapchat’s smartphone application across Android as well as iOS recorded nearly 28.5 million new downloads during August of this year. This was the single biggest month for first-time installs since May of last year. Snapchat’s mobile application saw 41.2 million new installs in May 2019. Sensor Tower’s data is considered preliminary as it has only been finalized through Aug 26 of this year. The data may change are the remaining days of August 2020 are also finalized, however, likely, those changes will be minor. According to the app store intelligence firm Sensor Tower’s findings, Snapchat downloads increased 29% year-over-year in August of this year. In comparison, Snapchat downloads

Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1+2 Replaces Subway Tokens With MetroCards

Screenshot : Activision / Kotaku Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1+2 , out today for PC, PlayStation4, and Xbox One, is a tour de force —a rare redux that modernizes the original games while staying true to what made them such hallmarks in the first place. The remaster has also, finally, after decades, brought Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 2 into… the early ‘90s? As you skated around levels in the original Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 2 , you could find collectible items on each level. Finding all of them would earn you a small point or in-game currency bonus. The New York City level featured an item that, once upon a time, was a Big Apple staple: subway tokens. This has remained largely unchanged in Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1+2 , with one notable difference. As some locals have pointed out, in the remastered version, those collectibles have been updated to reflect a more modern fare payment system: The mag stripe, the corner cutout, the arrows helpfully indicating which direction to swipe—yes

Seattle startup Boundless raises $7.5M to acquire rival RapidVisa and grow online immigration tools

Boundless CEO Xiao Wang. (Boundless Photo) Earlier this year, Xiao Wang was playing defense. His Seattle startup, online immigration service Boundless , went line-by-line through its expenses, looked at renegotiating past agreements, and did everything it could to preserve cash amid an economic crisis. Now it’s time for offense. Boundless just announced a $7.5 million investment round that helped fund the acquisition of its rival, RapidVisa , and will fuel expansion of its own tools and products. “I believe that periods of economic crisis and uncertainty accentuate the gaps between companies and are when the next generation of great companies are forged,” said Wang, who co-founded Boundless in 2017 with Doug Rand and Serdar Sutay . Boundless helps customers connect with attorneys, file applications online, and receive support throughout the immigration process. The company will nearly double the size of its team by adding 45 employees from Las Vegas-based RapidVisa. “Our t

Dive Into Another Spacemon Adventure, And More

Image : Unknown Today’s selection of articles from Kotaku ’s reader-run community: Spacemon: Chapter 87: Shipyard Assault, Pt 1   • Late TAY Retro: Nintendo Entertainment System – Star Wars [TV Commercial (NA)] • TAY Retro: Nintendo Game Boy – Spartan X (Kung-Fu Master) [TV Commercial (JP)] Advertisement You’re reading TAY , Kotaku’s community-run blog. TAY is written by and for Kotaku readers like you. We write about games, art, culture and everything in between. Want to write with us? Check out the   Beginner’s Guide to TAY   and join in. Advertisement Follow us here . Source link

Laird Hamilton’s ‘superfood’ company based in Oregon files for IPO, looks to raise up to $40M

Laird Hamilton is getting in on the IPO frenzy. The legendary surfer is the co-founder of Laird Superfood , a Sisters, Ore.-based company that just filed to go public. The startup is only looking to raise up to $40 million, but its decision to test the public markets reflects the recent surge of IPOs even amid an economic crisis. Pickin’ Nuggets: We tested a Seattle startup’s plant-based meat vs. the McDonald’s chicken classic Founded in 2015, Laird Superfood sells “superfood” creamers and other plant-based products such as mushrooms and coconut water mixes. It has raised about $50 million to date, including a $10 million round from Danone Manifesto Ventures in April and previous funding from WeWork. The company’s IPO filing shows that it brought in $13 million in sales last year, with a net loss of $8.5 million. It estimates its total addressable market at $3 billion. Hamilton owns 13.2% of the company, while Danone owns 13.4%. Laird Superfood, led by co-founder and CEO Pa

Welcome To China Town

Fine Art Fine Art Fine Art is a celebration of the work of video game artists, showcasing the best of both their professional and personal portfolios. If you’re in the business and have some art you’d like to share, get in touch! Liang Mark is an artist from China who has worked for companies like Gameloft. You can see more of Liang’s stuff at his ArtStation page . G/O Media may get a commission Source link

Madrona leads $9M investment in coffee startup Trade, which connects home brewers to roasters

(Instagram Photo via @tradecoffeeco) If you’re home-brewed coffee is one of the less appealing aspects of working from home, perhaps you need a fresh jolt from a specialty roaster. Seattle’s Madrona Venture Group is helping to fund one startup that can make that coffee connection. Madrona announced this week that it has led a $9 million financing round in New York-based Trade Coffee , whose marketplace features more than 400 blends from a variety of small roasters across the United States. The investment in the 2-year-old company comes out of Madrona’s “acceleration fund,” a strategy developed in 2019 as a vehicle for participating in later rounds for more mature companies both in and out of the Pacific Northwest. Madrona said in a blog post that it is attracted to Trade’s “two-sided marketplace,” in which it is as valuable a service to the roasters it works with as the consumers who shop for coffee. Trade works with 56 roasters, including Caffe Vita and Kuma Coffee out of Sea

This Isn't An Enormous Nintendo Switch, It's A TV

Kotaku East East is your slice of Asian internet culture, bringing you the latest talking points from Japan, Korea, China and beyond. Tune in every morning from 4am to 8am. The Nintendo Switch is a neat handheld you can connect to the television. One Twitter user, however, decided to turn a TV into a giant mock-up Switch. The result is excellent. Kai.mariosfun created this Switch-themed television board, with each of the giant faux Joy-Cons doubling as cabinets. The design is creative and wonderful. G/O Media may get a commission I love it. Source link

This 35-year-old female CEO is about to crack the glass ceiling, shattering a dismal IPO track record

Clinical pharmacist and Athira Pharma CEO Leen Kawas speaking at the 2018 GeekWire Summit. (GeekWire Photo / Kevin Lisota) Leen Kawas is truly a unicorn. The 35-year-old co-founder and CEO of Seattle biotechnology company Athira Pharma would be the first woman to guide a company to an initial public offering in Washington state in more than two decades. Let that sink in for a moment. Commentary: Why are there so few women-led IPOs? The numbers are stacked against us For more than 20 years, a Washington woman has not rung the bell on The New York Stock Exchange or watched her company’s ticker symbol float across the Nasdaq. But that could change with Kawas. Athira, which is developing therapeutics for the treatment of Alzheimer’s and other diseases, last week filed to raise up to $100 million on Nasdaq . If the public offering is successful, Kawas would charge into largely uncharted territory. GeekWire analyzed more than 20 years of IPO filings in Washington state, piecin

Ubisoft's Immortals Fenyx Rising Comes Out This Year, According To Leaked Xbox Listing

Image : Ubisoft Based on a now-deleted Xbox listing that went live overnight, it looks like Immortals Fenyx Rising , formerly known as Gods & Monsters , will be out on December 3 of this year. The listing, screenshots of which were shared online by Twitter user Wario64, shows new art for the game, alongside its new title, which Ubisoft announced a few days ago . The listing also says the Xbox One version of the game will support Smart Delivery, meaning it can be automatically upgraded to the Xbox Series X version for free. Ubisoft did not immediately respond to a request for comment. During a call with investors back in February , Ubisoft executives said the publisher would be releasing five major games through March 2021, including Watch Dogs: Legion , Gods & Monsters and Rainbow Six: Quarantine , one of which wouldn’t be coming out until next year. Immortals Fenyx Rising was also temporarily playable on Stadia earlier this year when an E3 2019 demo of t