The Power of SMS Marketing #infographic

Instant messaging apps are now so common that everyone
typically have one or more than one on their smartphones. It has a lot of
benefits such as real time messaging, read receipts, cost-free calling and
messaging and much more. However, with the advanced technology today, you may
think that the SMS or text messaging service is now obsolete. Think again!
SMS is still very active and as the first source of messaging,
we don’t have to download anything to send or receive those messages. These can
easily be transmitted without the internet. That’s why it is possible to use
this mode of texting to reach out to people put marketing to good use.
SMS marketing has been around for a long time and it is
still gaining traction. Many companies are using data and analytics to market
their product to specifically targeted people. They are also seeing results as
more sales and revenue are being generated. Even with its slow network services,
SMS marketing has proven to be a great medium of marketing for businesses.
Take a look at the following infographic that shows the power
of SMS marketing.

Infographic by: semaphore

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