These Joker suits can suit you. No joke!

The Joker may be on the sinister end of the craziness scale, but the Clown Prince of Crime sure knows how to dress up in a spiffy kind of way. Pick up a comic book, a toy, or a movie still featuring this Gotham City villain and you’ll see that almost all of his iterations show him in formal clothing.

Except for that one time where he’s a nurse. Well we did write “almost all” up there. features the Batman’s arch nemesis in these sets of fun suits that you can get for yourself. Now, won’t these put a smile on your faces?

The Joker (Secret Identity) [ Suit | Pants ]’s Secret Identity line seems to stick to the subtle side of channeling each character. The same goes with their Joker-themed suit set. This sleek black pair is tastefully accented by purple HAHAs on the necktie and pocket square. Inside the coat, however, is a not-so-subtle image of the Joker at wits end.

The Joker (Authentic) [ Overcoat | Suit | Vest | Dress Shirt | Pants ]

Purple? Check! Green? Check! Pinstripe pants? Check! A total contrast of the Secret Identity version, this 5-piece set is as close to the Clown Prince of Crime as you can get. The overcoat alone may scream “Joker”. You can also switch any part of this set with what you already own, with the dress shirt the likeliest to go. But you have to admit, as much as each piece is good on their own (and they are available separately), they look more menacing when worn together.

BONUS: Harley Quinn Blazer

Now this is for the ladies who want to channel their inner partner to The Joker. This Harley Quinn blazer features the character’s classic red-and-black color scheme while printing the actual Gotham City villain inside. It looks best when the cuffs are rolled up to show off some of the print inside.

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