How To Visualize A Perfect Annual Report for the End of the Year Reporting

As we get close to the end of the year, there’s a good chance that most of you are getting ready to summarize your individual, company, or department achievements. During this time, countless reports are being created across marketing, HR, sales, and finance for your organization and your clients. 

But how can you present your data so your audience doesn’t feel overwhelmed and confused? How can you make your annual report look professional, deliciously refreshing, and memorable at the same time?

Instead of relying on the conventional Microsoft Excel or presentation tools, our very own Communication Designer, Stephanie Lee, will show you how to visualize a perfect end of the year report in this on-demand #PiktoWebinar.

  • The ingredients that make up an excellent recipe for reporting success. 
  • Design tips to help your audience retain information and data better.
  • A walkthrough of using a Piktochart template to visualize your annual report easily.

  • Founders, CEOs, and CFOs that need to prepare annual reviews, business forecasts, plans for growth for annual reports.
  • Department managers (sales, marketing, HR, finance) that need to create the end of the year reports for their organization and team. 
  • Stakeholders and consultants that are looking for innovative ways to improve the presentation of their reporting for clients. 

As a bonus, we have also created a free annual report template that you can easily customize and personalize for your reports!

Here at Piktochart, we have designed a visual communication tool for all your reporting needs. Easily create comprehensive and professional reports to win the confidence of your audience.

If you’d like to schedule a free demo session with us to learn about using Piktochart for your organization, you could book a slot below.

On behalf of Piktochart, we hope you have learned some valuable tips on visualizing a perfect annual report for the end of the year reporting. 

This #PiktoWebinar is brought to you solely by Piktochart.

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