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Mega RacerMega Racer

Thank you veterans and active duty members.Thank you veterans and active duty members.

🎵 AM FM RADIO – Avoid hearing unwanted static noise when changing stations. Mega Racer’s 50 cal antenna is made with solid 6061 aluminum which is 500% more conductive than steel to ensure crystal clear music without radio noise.
😎 COOL DESIGN – Upgrade your vehicles look with this 1×1 plain weave carbon fiber black bullet antenna. You will get people’s attention every time you drive by. They will see how cool you are with your 50cal antenna bullet.
🚙 ONE SIZE FITS ALL – With over 10 screws to choose from, you won’t have to worry about finding the right bullet car antenna that fits your vehicle. Simply choose the right screw for your vehicle and voilà you’re set.
🌊 CAR WASH PROOF – We understand people want to keep their trucks clean. With our super durable anti-theft car design, you won’t need to worry about damaging your 50 caliber antenna every time you get an exterior car wash.
👍 EASY INSTALLATION – Install your radio antenna replacement in just a few minutes. Simply unscrew your old stock car radio antennas, select the appropriate screw for your vehicle, then screw on the car antenna bullet.

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