Model 3 Center Screen Protector Model 3 Model Y 15" Center Control Touchscreen Car Navigation Touch Screen Protector Tempered Glass 9H Anti-Scratch and Shock Resistant for Model 3 Screen Protector

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Tempered Glass Screen Protector for Tesla Model 3
Why do you need the navigation screen protector?
1.Always Keep your center screen brand-new.
2.Reduce the Fingerprint Smudge the Screen.
3.Protect your screen from Scratch, Explosion and Debris.
4.Defend your screen from oil or other dirty things, Reduce your eye’s fatigue.

What makes the protector film so special?
1.Ultra-thin thickness will not affect the sense of Touch, smooth and better touch feeling.
2.9H Hardness can ensure scratch resistant, effectively resist the collision of hard objects and friction, more anti-scratch performance.
3.HD Transparent maximum restore the color, to bring a clear and true navigation user experience, high definition and great durability.
4.Easy to install, Automatic Adsorption can effectively reduce the fingerprint and oil, hydrophobic as well as bubble free.

Package Included:
1 X Navigation Screen Protector
1 X Installation Instruction(Dust Removal Stickers*1,Alcohol Prep Pad*1)

LASER CUT& PRECISE FIT: Exclusive design for Tesla Mode 3 and for Tesla model Y, it is compatible with Tesla Model 3 and Model Y
KEEP THE SCREEN BRAND NEW: To keep your GPS screen protector clear and dust-free, simply wipe it with a microfiber cloth. No need to use harmful cleaning substances. Keep your screen brand-new.
HIQH QUALITY ANTI-SCRATCH: Reinforced glass for twice as much strength as non-tempered alternatives and effective resistance against scratches
SUPER PROTECTION;9H Hardness, this glass cover maintains the touch capabilities of your GPS navigator while ensuring better smooth touching feeling And Scratch resistant; Shock-resistant; anti-oil and anti-fingerprints
EASY TO INSTALL and EASY TOREMOVE. Premium quality tempered glass (9H) screen protector for the Tesla Model 3;Follow the instruction, it will be very easy to install the screen protector.


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