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The PSP Chronicles Volume II: Keep On, Keeping On

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The PSP Chronicles Volume II: Keep On, Keeping On

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The author invites readers to follow him on his personal journey with dementia and a rare, terminal brain disease – Progressive Supranuclear Palsy or PSP. No treatment, and no cure. Experience the real life struggles, the joys, the sorrows and his unshakable faith. It is the story of a life — well lived despite the limitations imposed by PSP. It’s a ray of hope wherenot much hope can be found. His book is a lesson, live your life with grace, bravery and fortitude. His sheer strength and humour in dealing with this cruel disease, while trying and succeeding to provide a legacy of research, awareness and hopefully one day a cure for PSP and all neurodegenerative disease. The narrative is delivered as is and written for reader’s at all levels to easily understand and perhaps identify with. A true testament of human endurance in the face of adversity.

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