US-LXC Auto Cup Holder Coaster Insert: an Interior Accessory Compatible with Sport & Rubicon of (2018 2019 Jeep Wrangler JL JLU & 2020 Gladiator JT),or A Car Liner Mat Pad Cushion (4-PCS a kit)(Red)

(as of – Details)

— Beautify your car, protect your car from dust & scratches. Reduce and absorb the rattling noise from vibration
— eyeable,soft.flexible.
— Black rubber featured with Red texture or grid.
— 100% Brand New and High Quality
— No need to make any changes, just directly and easily put it at the right position of cup holder.
—Remove it from the car Then shake the dust away Or water-wash it.

— Durable, Anti-Slip and shockproof, waterproof,Washable,the cup bottom cusion can be washed directly with water.Flexible, soft. All-Weather Protection.Made From soft Natural Latex,It Is Environmentally Friendly And Non-polluting. Also the Elasticity Of Latex Can Absorb And Reduce Noise, reduce the rattling from your cars compartments and protect your car from the heat and steam, keep the nook and crannies clean.

— The cup mat with white texture have a Fluorescent effect of illuminating/glowing/shining when it is in the dark, which can make your car more unique and funny, howeve hereby reminding you that this function is only available in the one of white texture,not the one of red texture.

PACKAGE CONTENT:—4 piece a kit for the Cup Coaster (the black rubber is featured with red texture/grid, shaped with gate slot or door slot, for detail please see pictures)
COMPATIBLITY:—Auto Cup Holder Inserts Coaster Compatible with Jeep Wrangler JL JLU 2018 2019 Sports and Rubicon & 2020 Gladiator JT Sport and Rubicon (kind reminder: Please pay attention to SHAPE of the back/rear seat floor cup holders, be sure to match your vehicle model before purchasing.)
USAGE:—No need to make any change to the Cup cushion, Just directly put it in the auto/car cup holder as the picture shows.You can water-wash the Cup Mat Pad Inserts when it is dirty.
MATERIAL and Function:—Natural Latex, enviroment-friendly, high temperature resistant. Beautify your car, protect your car from dust & scratches.Reduce and absorb the rattling noise from vibration.For more detail please see the message in production description.
WARRANTY:—Each Of the Cup Pad Is Elaborately Manufactured under the Strict Quality Control. We are sure you’ll love the interior accessories/JL accessories & JT acccessories.( In case of any unsatisfaction from you for the car accessies ,we’d like to offer you a prompt refund or replacement.)


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