Verizon Cell Phone Signal Booster 4G LTE Verizon Signal Booster 700MHz Band 13 Cell Phone Booster Amplifier FDD 4G Mobile Signal Booster Repeater for Home Use - Improve 4G Data Speed for Remote Area

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Cell Phone Signal Booster aims to boost Verizon 4G LTE 700MHz Band 13 signal, help improve voice&data speed, stop missed/ dropped calls, support multiple user at the same time.

Please Note:
1.This cell signal booster could only work with Verizon 700MHz 4G LTE Band 13 network frequency.
2.This signal booster could only make the weak signal stronger, it couldn’t generate any signal, so the Outdoor Antenna should receive 2-3 bars of stable signal in the location where it is mounted, or the booster couldn’t work very well.Operation Frequency of Signal Booster: Band 13
Emission Designator:LTE(G7D)
AGC LEVEL:Uplink:-45.00 Downlink:-56.00
Max.Antenna Gain:Uplink:8.1dBm Downlink:7.85dBmi
FCC Classification: B2W/Wideband Consumer Booster(CMRS) Installation Guide for Mobile Signal Booster:
1.Please kindly download Network Cell Info Lite (free app) to find out the nearest Verizon cell signal tower.
2.Connect the coaxial cable to the Outdoor Yagi Antenna, then keep the Outdoor Yagi Antenna point at the nearest Verizon cell signal tower.
3.Mount the signal amplifier device in your house where is near from the power socket, and have good ventilation
4.Tightly connect the coaxial cable to the OUTDOOR port of the repeater
5.Tightly connect the Indoor Whip Antenna to the INDOOR port of the signal booster.
6.Connect the power adapter to the signal amplifier.Packing Details:
Cell Signal Booster
Outdoor Directional Yagi Antenna
Indoor Directional Whip Antenna
Outdoor Coaxial Cable
Screws for Mounting
English User Manual

▶【Support All Cellular Devices】 – – 65dB High Gain signal amplifier will boost weak signal from 1-2 bars to 3-5 bars in your house; and improves cell service for iPhone, Samsung, HTC etc all brand phones and support multiple users at the same time. Offering all users crystal clear calls and uninterrupted data, enjoy a more relaxed family life or a more productive workplace.
▶【Larger & Powerful Coverage】 – – The cell phone booster comes with High Gain indoor whip and outdoor yagi antennas, it will bring you good cell connection cover up to 3,000 sq. ft. in your home, office, villa, garage, basement and so on. The outdoor antenna should be pointed to the near ATT tower to get better reception, download “open signal” app.
▶【Excellent Features & Easy Setup】 – – The cellular repeater has the functions of Automatic Gain Control, Inactivity Mode and Oscillation Elimination etc., once it is well installed, it can adjust itself for better performance no matter how signal condition changes. Requires no technical experience, plug and play, easy and convenient to install.
▶【What You Get & FCC Approved】- – 1*Mobile Phone Signal Booster, 1*Outdoor Yagi Antenna, 1*Indoor Whip Antenna, 1*Outdoor Coaxial Cable, 1*Power Adapter, 1*User Manual. With FCC authentication certificate, and three-month replacement service with defective product.


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